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Swollen anus - anal gland problem?

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    Swollen anus - anal gland problem?

    A new puppy shows some classic symptoms of anal gland problems (dragging, biting his butt) but also the anus is swollen and protruding a bit. I have not come across a single reference to that being a symptom of blocked anal glands. Does anyone know? Yes I will take the dog to a vet (and get it dewormed as well) but the problem is the vets are not very good or reliable here (a small town in Asia) and will never send you away without a diagnosis and treatment, the more expensive the better, even if they are unsure. So I'm doing some due diligence in order to evaluate the opinion of the vet.

    Thank you.

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    how old is the puppy? you could try adding some powdered bone meal or grind up some chicken bones to add to his diet. Bone meal will make the stools harder so it will clean out the anal glands. Just make sure you get bone meal for animals as there is also one for plants that is toxic to animals.
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    Thanks, Linda. I went to see the vet. She's pretty sure it is not an anal gland problem, just an inflammation from dragging his butt around. That being caused possibly by a change in diet. We are not sure what his diet was before coming to live with us. She dewormed him and advised gently cleaning his butt with a warm cloth after defecating so he will feel clean and comfortable. Today he has noticeably improved so we are optimistic.

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    My experience may be only tangential but, who knows, might happen to be relevant in some cases, too. My guy Sugar used to live in an abusive situation in which walks were rare, strange and therefore scary events that Sugar thought were best rushed through. Perhaps as a result he would rush to defecate very quickly and get it over. He also had butt irritation issues. However, after he came to live with me, he became more relaxed on walks, and unexpectedly he became the slowest, marathon pooper in my pack of five. Now he'll poop, and when other dogs would just leave it at that and move along, Sugar keeps his position and just stays there for much longer than you would think necessary. Sometimes a little bit more poop comes out, but just as often nothing more comes out. But he looks like "You wouldn't think of interrupting me now, would you? This process is only halfway through." Ever since he started doing this "ghost pooping" so to speak, his butt irritation issues vanished. It really almost seems like something more than before is happening inside, or even outside unnoticed by me, something that should have taken place naturally in the past, but did not because of the stress of rushing.

    I guess all of which is to say that the butt is a mysterious thing, and it's probably a good idea to remember to give your dog all the time in the world while pooping.

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