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Glofish Danios how many?

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    Glofish Danios how many?

    I had a 1.5 gallon tank and we had 2 danios glofish! And at a time we had a mystery snail which lived i think 2 weeks! We had the danios for about 4 months! But we did figure out the problems after they hapoened! Sadly, but now we know what to do and everything to look and watch for! But when they died we figured they might have had ich! So we threw everything out! Including the aur pump and filter! Everything we used in the tank is gone! We recently got a 5.5 gallon tank (actually 2 months ago we bought it) meant for Glofish! But it shows 7 danios on the display picture thing! But i dont know for sure! How many can i fit? Also i want alot of different colors! I readearched and found out Electric Green and starfire red, (my first two kinds i had) dont do well together if not in a group of five or mroe! I think there are about 5 colors! Will all colors work together if i can get a greater number? And do you also recommend glofish sharks? And glofish striped sharks? Please let me know! Thank you much!

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    Glo-fish danios are basically the same as regular ones, just a different color. They should be kept in groups of at least 7-8, but a 5-6 gallon is far too small for them. You will need a tank of at least ten gallons for them to be happy; stressed fish often die, and too little space or not enough other fish can cause stress. I would not recommend sharks as they will hurt the danios. Colors don't matter so you can mix red and purple or whatever. Best of luck!

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