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Help with seizures and dementia in an older dog

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    Thank you.

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    Not that I know too much, but CBD oil derivative from cannabis, has worked wonders with people having epilepsy and I cannot see it in correct dosages not being of help to your cat. My daughter has been on CBD for many years now as result of a brain tumour and of all treatments, this showed the most promise.

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    Thank you. Itís worth a try. I tried the treats, but they did not help him. But, maybe the oil is a little stronger, or maybe Iíll try a different brand. Thanks, again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pranaba View Post
    Thank you. Iím trying to do everything I can.
    This is an old site, but you may find some useful info here to look over, I visited it quite a bit when my dog started having seizures. Site is HERE.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pranaba View Post
    Thank you. I asked the vet today about a Valium prescription, but he told me it actually doesn’t last as long and I would need to give every 6 hours! Aaargh! So, he ended up adding Potassium Bromide to his existing Phenobarbital prescription. It has made him really sleepy which is good because at least he’s not going in circles; but I think that is only a result of the initial increased dosage.
    Drowsiness is a side effect of some anti-seizure medications. This is because they work by calming the brain, so you can expect Milo to be more sleepy long-term if potassium bromide (which I know nothing about) is one of them.

    I am glad you know that now about valium.

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