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Pee Under a Kitchen Island

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    Exclamation Pee Under a Kitchen Island dog peed in the kitchen and it got under the island which can't be moved. I smell pee when I open the cabinet. Does anyone have any ideas on how I can get the smell out. I am renter and can't do anything to the island. Amy help is greatly appreciated!!

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    I would give diluted white vinegar a try, it should help get rid of the odor and also make the area unattractive for the dog to use again. Repeat if needed, let it sit for awhile before wiping it up....good luck.

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    Hi, my brother and his girlfriend used to swear by some spray that they used regularly for getting dog urine smell out of carpet and furniture. Unfortunately I don't know the brand, but I remember that the spray used enzymes. I found some products that sound like that here:

    Dog urine enzyme cleaner search

    Maybe it was one of the ones marked as "best seller", but I have no idea. They used to say it was way better than any regular household cleaning option, because it broke down the odor biologically and worked like a charm.

    They had a Golden Retriever who sometimes could not hold it until they got home.

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