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Aggressive kitten... what to do?

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    Aggressive kitten... what to do?

    After we said goodbye to our 9 year old blue point female ragdoll, Chloe in January of this year due to a blood clot/stroke; we found another ragdoll kitten last month. Hopper (my dog) and Chloe has always tolerated each other by respecting each of their space.

    These last few weeks she has been getting aggressive towards my 8 year old King Charles Cavalier by stalking, chasing, even taking a swat at my dog for no reason. At first we thought it was cute and funny and now it isnít anymore. Iíve tried spraying her with a water bottle, rattling a butter container filled with pennies, even giving her some alone time playing with her for an hour or so a day. I understand sheís a kitten and can be possessive and jealous if we paid attention to the dog.

    Iím at my wits end and have no other solutions. The kitten isnít old enough to get spayed since sheís now a little over 3 months old. Itís like taking care of a mischievous toddler who wonít stop misbehaving. Help!

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    Welcome to the forum.

    Just swatting a dog on the head is not aggression unless her claws are out. Chasing is an attempt to play with Hopper if they have not been fighting recently. Are they growling?

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    No growling or fighting from the dog. Kitten has swatted on his nose a few times. She also has attempted to bite his hind legs.

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    Maybe the kitten just wants to play?
    My chickens are outside...for good!

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    Welcome! I agree with Yeti, the kitten is young and likely just wants to play. Do you have enough toys around for the cat to play with? Maybe you can also use interactive toys with her on a daily basis to give her physical and mental stimulation and exercise, she has to get out her energy somehow and you need to help her do that. Use one of those wand toys with her, play with her until she's taking rests and panting, then put the toy away in a closet for the next play session.

    Has she drawn blood when she swiped the dog's nose? You also need to clip off the pointed tip of her nails so there's less of a chance of her hurting the dog. Good luck, perhaps you shouldn't label her as "aggressive", just normally happy and playful. Also, be sure to give her a lot of special love and attention too, what I did was always have the dog and kitten in the same room together, speaking to them both sweetly and giving them both tiny treats like American cheese, first the dog who was the senior member of the household, then the cat, then the dog again, etc. Have them both sit, at least have the cat wait her turn and correct her with a gentle 'nooo' and a hand gesture to make sure she waits for her treat.

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    I had to take my kitten to the vet this morning for her scheduled distemper and rabies shots. I inquired the veterinarian my concern of her behavior towards my dog. He reassured me its a kitten thing... basically play. Told my wife and son what the vet told me when I got home. She has plenty of toys to keep her entertained. I guess she just wanted to play and means no harm.
    No my kitten did not draw blood when swatting.

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    That's very telling BS, glad no blood appeared, so it seems like the swat was with a soft paw, something a lot of cats do at times with no intention to attack or hurt, my cat has done it to my dog and never harmed him at all.

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