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Loving cats for 25 years

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    Wink Loving cats for 25 years

    Sunday, May 15, 1994 - 25 years ago - was the day I became a cat mom. I was 17. My birthday is in late January, when very few kittens are available, so my dad made a card on the computer to announce I can get one. I am not a fan of horoscopes, but the one for Aquarius that day was (paraphrase): "You will receive a gift that is greater than anything of monetary value." That gift was the cat pictured on the left, a 9-week old girl I had named Emily, from the Captial Area Humane Society near Collumbus Ohio. Since then, I wondered how I lived 17 years without a cat.

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    Happy anniversary CatMom!
    My chickens are outside...for good!

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