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Dog News: Faithful Dog by the Side of Missing Toddler

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    Dog News: Faithful Dog by the Side of Missing Toddler

    A couple of hours ago, an Australian toddler had gone missing from their place. A lot of people tried to help in the search mission which the family was thankful of. In the end, they did find the boy with his faithful dog tagging along.

    "You could just imagine what was going through his little mind - lost (and) dark. Lucky he did have his dog to keep him warm overnight," said Department of Sustainability and Environment tracker Will Hannah.Source
    I think the gift of having a dog in one's life at a young age is just wonderful. A lot of people have found their dogs comforting them in dire times and accompanying them through thick and thin. The kid was pretty lucky that his dog followed him even though they were walking in circles.

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    Great story, here's a similar one...
    A little boy with Down Syndrome was lost in dense woods overnight, but was kept warm and survived with the help of his puppies. When the mother dog started searching for her pups, they found the wet and cold boy and rescued him...

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    It is amazing what dogs can do. I've heard of similar stories where dogs will either find the missing children or go along with the child and protect it. One story the dog went with the child and it was cold out. The dog wrapped it's body around the boy and kept it warm all night until the authorities found them. The dog was credited to keeping the boy alive.

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