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Good dog for agility and family life?

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    Good dog for agility and family life?

    im looking for a dog that can do well in agility and be good in a family, we have a large backyard for the dog to run around in but the dog will probably be taken out to a dog park every second day or so with a dog walker. and have two 20 minute walks every day, the dog would probably be left at home for around 5 hours a day on weekdays because of work.

    i have owned dogs before but never put them in agility, other then agility training im looking for a friendly and loving family dog. i was thinking about a Nova scotia duck tolling retriever.

    I am also looking for dogs in the medium-large in size range. but anything in between 20-45 pounds would be perfect!

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    In the barn yard! ;)
    Maybe a Collie? They are smart dogs and can do very well in agility! Or if you could find a Collie/Poodle mix that would be great too!

    How about it?

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    A Border collie came to my mind

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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