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My kitty went to kitty heaven

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    Unhappy My kitty went to kitty heaven

    In other posts/topics I posted about my kitty Chaz being very, very sick. He got progressively worse through the week and today at the vet she said his back legs had atrophied, his heart was having problems along with his breathing, he was much worse than a couple weeks ago, he experienced many symptoms of kidney failure (clinical and behavioural) and even making him comfy wasn't working. I made the decision to send my beloved baby of 16 years, my handsome boy, my buddy and lifelong friend since 8 weeks old, home today. I am devastated and that's all I can write right now.

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    Very sad to hear about your Chaz, he was a beautiful boy and is resting peacefully now...never alone, always in your heart. Sincere sympathy goes out to you and your family.

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    So sorry to see your beautifull Kitty has passed on, bluewaters, my heartfelt sympathy goes out to you and yours.RIP sweet Chaz

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    May God watch over your beloved Chaz and he is a very beautiful cat, this photo is very cute and precious. To have a cat, or any pet for so many years and then lose them, it would make you feel like you just lost one of your closest buddies.

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    So sorry to hear about your dear Chaz. What a beautiful cat.

    Don't you worry. 'Death' is not the end. When your 'time' comes and you pass over to the Other Side, all those you have loved and who have loved you (who have passed over) will be there to greet you, both the two-legged and the four...

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    I'm sorry about Chaz. I think you did the right thing of making this very hard decision. Knowing when it is time is something owners have difficulty in determining. Sometimes, their attachments to their loved ones won't allow them to see that now is the right time.

    Don't be sad. Chaz is in a happier place... where kidneys don't fail.

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    Im sorry bout your kitty chaz but dont be sad your kitty is in kitty heaven now

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