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My Cat has developed random new habits since getting spayed... why?

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    My Cat has developed random new habits since getting spayed... why?

    My cat is almost a year old, and has recently been spayed almost a month ago. Ever since, she has picked up the new habit of demolishing every single one of my shoes, kicking her water bowl over on a daily basis on purpose (I've actually re-filled it and watched her wander over and knock it over and walk away), and then today, she randomly crapped on my bedroom floor instead of her litter box, and then attempted to eat it. When I went to stop her and clean it, she freaked out, meowing and clawing at me. After I cleaned it, she ran and hid immediately.

    What could be causing all of this? Are the bad habits just new entertaining things that she has picked up, and the accident on the floor just a plain accident? I've never seen a cat attempt to eat their own feces before. She is fed well, and eats Tender Centers, the dry food with the moist insides. I'm so confused, could there be a larger problem?

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    Could be something else going on there, I never had a cat act like that after being spayed. Has she healed well from the operation, any redness or swelling at the site? Any other changes in the household, like new occupants there, or changes in furniture arrangements? Sometimes our pets react to our emotions, if anyone is stressed, angry or nervous. I haven't had a cat try to eat their own feces, makes me worry there's a possible medical problem also. BTW, welcome!

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    My Cat has developed random new habits since getting spayed... why?

    As far as the destruction goes, It's probably an age related thing, at her age just think of her as the same mentality as a teenage girl, she's acting out and trying to see what she can get away with. Also, Getting spayed at her age means she had already started cycling so getting fixed changed her hormone levels pretty drastically. It could be either of these things or a combination. But regardless It'll pass in a few months. But any changes in litter box habits are concerning. That's usually a sign of a urinary tract infection. I'd keep a close eye on that and if it continues she should make a trip to the vet.

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    The cat has it in for you.

    I agree with Crazyanimal- cat's do go through stages and they can do a lot of damage around one years of age. When my cats did things like that I sprayed them with cold water- it usually got them to stop.

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    Have their been any changes in your home, any new occupants in your household, have you developed any new routines, changed her food at all? Also, cats do react to weather, so have there been any changes? For example, all of my cats are outdoor cats, and they go crazy when winter comes because they need to find an alternative way to expend their energy that does not involve going out in the cold.
    Cats also go through stages, it may just be an age related thing. As far as your boots are concerned, I know how it feels to have a nice pair wrecked, so I would suggest spraying them with a diluted citrus solution, that will help in keeping her off of them.

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