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Sugar Gliders? What kind of pets are they?

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    Question Sugar Gliders? What kind of pets are they?

    I have heard very different opinions about them. I have heard that they are either the best or worst pets. I need facts. I get mad when people say they are a HORRIBLE pet. No they aren't it's because of you. Thats all I need facts and your experience. Please state the prices and general information. I have a lot of information from the Pocket Pet people.

    If you say they are a horrible pet then I WILL reply back saying it's because of you. Although if you say my experience wasn't good because of whatever I will listen. Ok so facts info and personal experience. Thanks

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    No experience here, this is all I've read about them...

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    Though an ancient thread, i will bump this up to bring justice to sugar gliders!

    Sugar gliders are very good pets provided you have adequate space, lots of bonding time and resources to feed them a very varied diet.

    Now, people say they are horrible pets when they fail to provide one of the three.

    It has been 5 days since i got my sugar glider and were well bonded already. (Pics to follow)

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    Sugar gliders can be awesome pets! I hate to see impulse buyers get them because they do need daily care and attention, and it DOES make a difference how they're fed & treated as babies!

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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