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Dog-Friendly Places in Your Area

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    Dog-Friendly Places in Your Area

    Most malls still do not allow pets inside. Although there are others who have rules such as only allowing pets that wear diapers, it's kind of disappointing especially when you have large breeds.

    Small breeds like Shih Tzus, Chihuahuas and Yorkies seem to get away with everything. If they're placed in bags or being carried, that's fine. But what about Labs, Dobermans or Rotties.... are we expected to carry them, too?

    I believe there is this town in the UK where dogs are allowed in almost all of its establishments.

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    What a lot of people don't know is you can bring your dog into a large retail store and they are not allowed to question if your dog is a service animal. I worked for a Walmart in South Carolina and one person brought in a snake. Management could not ask them to leave with it. Another customer did ask this person what the purpose of the snake was and he said that the snake was a service animal.

    But anyway, you can take you dog with into most retail stores and they won't question it.

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    Texas, USA
    I live outside of Austin, Texas and Austin is a very dog-friendly city. Many of the restaurants downtown have outside seating with water available for dogs. We also have a number of dog-walk fundraisers and fun parades each year. I've never been to a city that welcomes dogs as much as Austin does and I think it's actually rather nice. I think it also seems to make dog owners a bit more responsible since they get to take their furry friends so many places. I'm not sure if it's so pet-friendly because most people here are responsible for their pets or if people do a good job socializing their pets so they can take advantage of all that Austin has to offer.

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