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    My dog is almost 8 months old and he chews on everything ! anything that falls on the floor he gets to and destroys. Sometimes my daughter leaves a book lying around on her floor and he chews the ends of them mercilessly. It drives me crazy. Is there anything I can do to stop this behaviour?

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    Have all adults in the house carry small rawhide chew bones in their pockets. As soon as someone catches the dog in the act of chewing something bad, tell him "No", and put the bone in his mouth while taking away the other thing. You can say "chew on this". Worked for me in training several of my dogs.

    When he loses interest in the bone and leaves it on the floor, pocket it again for a re-use, until training is complete.

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    Chewing is something that comes naturally to dogs, my dog used to love a good chew on a shoe or the corner of a dresser drawer. I found that scolding her and making her know that it was wrong worked great. When she was around the same age as your dog, she was the same way. This is when I found out that 4 simple words did the trick. "What did you do?" in a stern voice made her realize quickly this was unwanted. Giving him lots of chew toys will also help. KONG toys seem to be the best especially since they are virtually indestructible. I am not sure what size your dog is but KONG makes them in all different sizes. You will find that they are not the cheapest but when it comes to hundreds of dollars in merchandise being chewed up, I think you will find $10 goes a long way.

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