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My pet rat has an eye problem. Help?!

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    My niece just went through a very similar thing with her pet rat...they have changed his bedding to a paper based..not sure if they have it there where you are, but it is called Carefresh here. As for the cost, an office visit runs the same as it does for a dog or a cat, which around here is between 20-40 US dollars to have the vet look. I also learned that rats have red tears, that look like blood. Her rat his eyes were runny and he would sneeze red (we thought it was blood), however it isn't, but he did get his bedding changed and he had lice. Poor guy, but after 3 injections later and several baths they say he is doing much better. Good luck and just tell your dad, it will be cheaper to catch an issue earlier than waiting till he looks bad. Plus as a prey animal, they are very good at hiding weaknesses until they are almost past the point of no return, so with these guys sooner is better than later! Good luck with him!

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    just after i saw your post Patricia, i noticed a kind of reddish streak on his chin. his eyes arent really runny though i dont think.
    thanks for the advice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Patricia View Post
    Most rats are allergic to wood shavings, such as the shavings you have in his cage. The oils in them that make them smell good are also an irritant for the critters kept on them. He would do much better on a paper bedding. Is he scratching at all? If so, get him into an exotics vet and get him looked at as it is likely he could have lice. Do NOT freak out, it will not get on you, but will make him absolutely miserable and eventually scratch to the point of hair loss and scabs. The treatment is injections from the vet and baths. If he isn't scratching then just switch his bedding and give it a little bit and I bet you will notice his eye isn't irritated and his sneezing stops!
    That's probably what killed Apples

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    Eye infections are no fun to deal with. At all. Rats are much more susceptible to eye infections than we are, as they live in close quarters with their own waste. They donít have quite as clean of environments as humans do. While a dirty environment can have a lot to do with any infection, an eye infection for a rat does not necessarily mean that the human owner is at fault. They do just happen sometimes, and all we can do is treat them properly!

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