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Mini Austraillian Shepard-Itching skin raw: tried everything!!!

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    Mini Austraillian Shepard-Itching skin raw: tried everything!!!

    My mom has a miniture austraillian shepard. He is almost 4 years old. He is a good dog, just very hyper. But thats not the problem.

    The problem is that for about the last year to year and a half he has had terrible dry itchy skin. He is consistently biting and scratching at it. We have taken him to the vet several times, we have tried all of his suggestions, I think even he is at a loss. We have tried all the different foods that are supposed to be good for the skin, We have tried all the different treats and OTC meds that are supposed to be good for the skin. We tried all the medicated and oatmeal shampoos. He has been checked for bugs repeatedly. At times he scratches and bites at it so much that he starts to whine like it hurts. He even keeps my mom at night sometimes because he shakes the bed when he scratches.

    I guess I was just wondering if anyone knows of anything else we could try, at this point we are at a total loss.

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    Sorry to hear that the only thing I was going to suggest was trying different food, which you've already done. I did hear of someone with a very young collie pup and it took months of trying loads and loads of different foods before they found something that helped the itchyness.

    Good luck, I hope you find out the cause!

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    I agree it may be an allergy to wheat or some other ingredients in the food. You can give the dog some extra virgin unrefined coconut oil mixed in with the food daily, that won't hurt the dog, and it will help with the dry skin.

    Here's some more info on causes, treatments of hotspots...

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    To be honest I believe that the vaccinations have a lot to do with skin irritations, as well as frequent bathing, when we had our other Shepherd we had her vaccinated every year and she always had skin problems, now we have these two dogs we are not going to get them vaccinated again now that they have had their initial shots which was 2 years ago, and the new protocol for vaccinations is that they only have to be done every 3 years anyway.Also we dont bathe our dogs very much , only in the summer sometimes to cool them off but dont use shampoo, a good brushing is just as good and helps to bring out the natural oils in the skin.I have heard that this herbalist is very good from another dog website, I have not used his herbs myself as we don't buy online. good luck with your search for a cure I know how upsetting it is too see your pet suffering I wish I could be of more help...................

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    May I suggest a raw natural diet? If you've been feeding store bought dog food this may be the culprit. You can do your own research on this topic, but raw feed diet has been known to eradicate many if the illnesses our dogs have. A lot of stuff that goes into dry dog foods are simply not naturally good for them. Also I would suggest this great omega 3, omega 6 supplement called Omegaderm that is great for skin issues and everyday maintenance. Last, I would suggest switching to a non soap shampoo, and/or oatmeal shampoo. you can make your own shampoo bath at home with instant oatmeal to help save money. Either shampoo is sensitive enough to use 2-3 times per week. I have a bunch of suggestions, let me know if I can suggest more solutions. My dog used to suffer from itching skin also...even flakes. She's much better now.

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    Itching and scratching can become a habit so that, even after the cause has been removed, the animal may continue to scratch and damage the skin. You may want to try a cone for a while to prevent the dog being able to scratch himself. When you try the cone or anything, be sure to give it a long enough try to make a difference. It takes two weeks to break or establish a habit. Use this time frame as your guideline.

    Administer regular OTC Benedryl (generic diphenhydramine) to stop itching. My sister, who is an animal health tech, says that you can safely follow weight directions and frequency and duration of administration found on the bottle. I usually use a half tablet for a small dog (20-30lbs) and a whole tablet for a large dog (30-60lbs). This will stop the itching and break the itching cycle.

    Topically, instead of commercial preparations, try washing with a pure, gentle castile soap such as Dr. Bronner's liquid and rinsing with warm water in which oatmeal has been soaked for about an hour. You can put a cup of oatmeal in an old sock and soak it in a pot of hot water that has been brought to a boil. Let it steep for an hour and squeeze the sock out just as you would a steeped teabag. It should be cool enough to pour over the dog at this point. Be sure to rinse all the castile soap off the dog with clear water and then make the oatmeal rinse your final rinse. You can add a little moisturizing to the final rinse by stirring in a half tsp or so of coconut oil while the water is very hot. Bathe the dog no more often than 1X weekly. Every other week or even once a month is probably fine.

    Switch to a lamb or chicken and rice type of food and stick with it for long enough for it to make a difference. Provide Omega 3 Fatty acid, such as a fish oil capsule squeezed over the food 1X daily.

    Hope this is helpful!

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    Although a raw diet may be beneficial, IMO, I have to say that a high quality dog food is sufficient. These foods have Omega supplements in them...very easy and less expensive. Feeding a raw diet is not always convenient for the average pet owner, as the food may spoil, etc.

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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