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Good Vibes At The Dog Park

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    Talking Good Vibes At The Dog Park

    Today I had a sweet Scottie girl come to me for pets at the park. When her mom walked in the other direction, and I continued to walk ahead, I saw she was still following me at my heel. Her master was calling 'Gracie', but she seemed to want to go with me. I stopped until she returned to her momma.

    Yesterday, this fellow with two dogs, a lab and a small schnauzer mix, approached me, and once again his pups ran to me like I was a good friend. He said that I was on their list of favorites, and I told him that they were on mine too.

    One day last week, these two ran far ahead of the owner, and came to me. I was amazed, as it was very windy, and I had my hood up and sunglasses on, was surprised that they would even recognize me. I love seeing these two, they make my day!

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    Aww, Alpha! I think you have the mommy dog pheromones! It's nice when a dog approaches you because they know you're a good dog person.

    Would it be too much if you could take a picture of the two who thinks of you as an extended pack mate?

    We've never had dog parks here and I seldom attend dog events so it would be nice to hear about other people's experiences in the dog park.

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    I'll see if I can get a pic sometime.

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    Those doggies know a kind person when they meet one.

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