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HELP Dog scratching at back door

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    HELP Dog scratching at back door

    With the recent cold snap, both of my dogs were inside. Now the boxer scratches to come in all the time day or night. My boxer has ruined my back door screen and now scratching at some windows. It's neither too cold nor too hot when he is out, he just always wants to be inside now. He has plenty of food, water, shade, a big yard, and another dog out there with him but he wants to be inside now all the time. When he is in, he goes to the back of the house and pees in the bedrooms. I tried putting up a barrier, but he is smart so he moves the barrier or finds another way to get around it. He's ruining the carpeting so other than when its too cold or hot I want him outside but then he just scratches incessantly. How can I get him to stop this behavior?

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    I'm afraid I don't have any real advice for you, but I'm afraid I have to say I strongly disagree with keeping your dogs outside. It's really not fair on them and I'm not at all surprised he's confused and upset at being allowed in for a time and then sent back outside. Dogs should be allowed to live in the home as part of the family and I would not re-home any of my fosters to anyone that planned to keep them outside for any period of time.
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    How old is the Boxer? If he's been allowed to scrach on the door for many years now, it will be hard to break that habit. Has he been neutered or fixed? That may explain the urine marking in the house.

    I also agree that dogs should be in the home as part of the family, and not locked outside day and night. If the Boxer was in the house more with you, you may be able to train him to behave better and not ruin your carpeting, etc.

    It's never too late though to change unwanted behavior, if you're willing to put in the time needed for training.

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    If I had it my way, I would definitely have my dogs living in my home just like I used to in my old house. However, since I am currently living in someone else's home where dogs aren't allowed indoors, then I have to think of ways for them to be discouraged from scratching the doors.

    Here's the thing. Dogs hate smooth plastic feeling on their nails e.g. plastic book covers and the like. Try covering the front of your door with plastic cover.

    Just like these ones. Source

    You also might want to make use of this one as a cheaper alternative. Imagine the ones being used to cover softbound books.


    Just check out the ones being sold in your local office supply store. In the Philippines, we have the National Bookstore.

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