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What's your Dog's worst habit?

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    Question What's your Dog's worst habit?

    Hi there. I got to thinking today and was wondering, what is your dog's worst habit that you wish could stop and would do anything to make him/her stop but can't find a solution to fix the problem?

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    If there's a solution for being too smart, then I would've probably found it now. I guess what I didn't like most is how Peanuts, one of my dogs currently living with my beau, knows that she won't get punished while sleeping on the bed if she isn't caught red handed.

    LOL. Seeing white fur all over dark blue linens and seeing Peanuts behind you with her head tilted sideways as if waiting for the volcano to erupt is just priceless.

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    My dog eats our cats cat litter out of his box. This is a bad habit and we hope he stops doing this.

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    Dogs are supposed to be “Man’s Best Friend” but without proper training and consistency they can develop some bad habits. Each dog is different and may have a variety of bad habits which can make your life pretty stressful...

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