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Life Expectancy of Some Dog Breeds

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    Life Expectancy of Some Dog Breeds

    I know for a fact that larger breeds live shorter lives than smaller ones. The reason for this is because their big bodies are more prone to stress due to working harder. But bottom line is that most dogs these days live longer than dogs centuries ago due to better diets and medical care.

    Now, here are some dog life expectancy from other breeds.

    6.7 Bulldog
    8.4 Great Dane
    9.8 Rottweiler
    10.3 German Shepherd
    10.0 Staffordshire Bull Terrier
    11.3 Corgi
    11.8 English Cocker Spaniel
    12.0 Golden Retriever
    12.0 Pug
    12.2 Dachshund
    12.5 Miniature Schnauzer (10-15)
    12.6 Labrador Retriever
    12.8 Basset Hound
    13.0 Chihuahua
    13.2 Greyhound
    13.3 Beagle
    13.4 Shih Tzu
    13.6 Parson Russell Terrier (JRT)
    15.0 Bichon Frise
    15.0 Miniature Pinscher

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    Interesting read, but there are exceptions to every rule - and I think there are many, many exceptions to the length of life per breed.

    CAV's are a smaller breed dog but have a life expectancy of 10-12 years as they are prone to many health problems such as a heart mummers. I had a Collie in long term foster with me (a big boy weighing in at 26kg) who passed away less than a month before his 17th birthday. My Mum has a tiny JRT X who is approx. 16 now and still going strong.

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    It was interesting to see that list of breeds and life expectancy. I had heard something similar before but have never seen it put so clearly. However, there must be other factors in play. These figures relate to pure breeds I think - isn't it true that crosses, mixes and "heinz 57 varieties" are much hardier generally? They have less tendancy to genetic problems and live longer.

    My dog-losses are : a cairn x terrier mix who lived until she was 18 and died in her sleep; a pure westie who lived until age 13 when her kidneys gave out and a german shepherd who died at 5 years old of lymphatic cancer. The last two had to be put to sleep - hard decision, but the right ones.

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    I think you're right Pat, that there are lots of other factors in play - diet, quality of life, hereditary health problems from parents etc.

    I've had two "heinz 57's" (love that term by the way!) who both had to be put to sleep before their 10th Birthdays. One had cancer that spread quickly throughout her body and one suffered complications due to Chrones Disease. We had a little pure breed Yorkie when I was very young who had to be put to sleep around 8 I think, as he had brittle bone disease, he lost one leg which he adapted well too but then faced loosing two more and was in agony.

    In my experience, it really does vary massively.

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    I agree that larger dogs have shorter life spans. Bernese Mountain Dogs are a very large and sweet breed, but unfortunately their life expectancy is only 6 to 8 years old. Dogs and people also live longer in modern times due to better nutrition and medical care. Of course, I think we've all lost loved ones due to ilness and disease, way before their natural time.

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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