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Do Any of You Have a Pittenees?

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    Smile Do Any of You Have a Pittenees?

    My mother's Great Pyrenees surprised us with the birth of two gorgeous puppies last May. We didn't even know she was pregnant! It turned out that the daddy of these two babies is a full stock pitt that belongs to the neighbor up the road. Now the puppies are almost 9 months old and they are two of the best natured dogs I have ever known. One of them (Rhino) looks just like a white pitt with a little brown on his ears and the other looks just like a light and brown pyr (Kanyon). My boyfriend and I are the proud owners of Rhino and he is such a sweet boy. Do any of you have this type of dog? If so, what's the dog's personality like?

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    No, don't think I've ever seen a mix like that. You should post a picture or two of your Rhino in the Dog Photos Forum so we can see him. BTW, welcome!

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