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My chinchilla! Name help!

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    My chinchilla! Name help!

    I have recently adopted a male chinchilla! and he is so sweet, loves to run and jump and play! he is my first chinchilla! so im still learning things about him. can anyone tell me some SAFE treats to give chinchillas? Also im still trying to decide on a name! any suggestions?

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    Looks like a little silvery-grey stormcloud to me, I'd name him Stormy. There's a few tips for treats in this article...

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    they love a dust bath

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    Oh he is so pretty. If he were mine I would have named him Apollo. I do not know a lot about chinchillas, but I am definitely going to look into it.

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    You should name him Rolo Sorry, I'm a little hungry

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    Hmm. Whatever you name him do not name him Turkey. There's only one Turkey. (Inside joke to some.) He looks like a Spitz! Name him Dart! He looks like a Dart. Timmy or Tiny Tim? Flash? Charger? Are you into computers? You could name him CPU.

    Go "manly" and name him Tomahawk. Cruise maybe? Cruz...Cruz Missile. hehe Nibbles? Yeah right, name him that and he'll end up biting you. If I go any further with name suggestions I'll end up just getting into the ridiculous.

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    When I had a chinchilla, I kept him in a very large cage with multiple levels he could explore. I also put a large exercise wheel in there for him. He was so exuberant that he tipped it over repeatedly, so I ended up suspending it from one of the upper levels so that his exercise didn't upset it. That also cut down on the noise it made, since it wasn't bouncing all over the cage floor.

    I bought the feed specifically for chinchillas, and supplemented with alfalfa (which he loved and would beg for), and since I was fortunate enough to have an apple tree in the yard that wasn't treated with any sort of pesticides, I would cut branches from the tree for him to chew. This seemed to satisfy the chewing need in large part as well as be something of a treat for him. Now and then I gave him raisins, also, but only rarely. There are also wooden chew sticks you can get for rodents that help them keep their teeth worn down.

    Do make sure there's nothing in reach of his cage that he can chew on. They will chew EVERYTHING, and very often even unpleasant results will not discourage them from it. Mine would get after electrical cords anytime he was out, and once even dragged the antenna wire from the stereo off the wall so that it dangled within reach of his cage. I was awakened one night by his squalling, and ran to see what it was. He was back on his wheel like nothing had happened by the time I got there. I went back to bed, only to have it happen again five minutes later. Same thing. It took two more tries and finally catching him in the act of chewing the antenna to figure out what he was up to--he would bite it, it would shock him a little, he'd get mad and chatter at it and bite it again, and after two shocks he'd run off to sulk and run in his wheel, then he'd go back and start the routine with the wire over again. Fortunately it WAS only the antenna and had an extremely low current so he wasn't injured, but they are very curious and chewing is a way to explore the world as well as keep their teeth worn down.

    Now, he did love boxes both to play/sleep in, and to chew on. Any kind of box was fair game, so he went through quite a few "houses." He would usually use them to hide in for a day or two, then begin deconstructing them. Once he had it completely shredded, I'd give him a new one.

    As for a name, I don't really have any suggestions. I tend to name critters based on their personalities as I get to know them.

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