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need your help!

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    need your help!

    Hi everyone, i want your opinions on stands for dogs water and food bowl. I made a wooden one for my sisters dog. He cant knock it over, and doesnt chew on it since its wood. Would this be something dog owners would be willing to buy? Ill post a picture too. Thanks for your input

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    This is a brilliant idea, would you be able to build kid proof kitty bowl stands too? My children especially my son loves to eat and play with my cat's kibble. And I really need an idea to kiddie proof their bowls.

    I am getting tired of fishing kibble out of water bowls, or throwing out wet kibble (that my cats just bluntly refuse to eat).

    You should however consider a more waterproof material, as water would soak into wood and make it moldy. The wood might also attract wood eating bugs and moss if it is used outside.

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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