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Mean and aggressive cat

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    Mean and aggressive cat

    We added a new member to our family, Luna is a kitten we rescued from a family where the mother has a terrible cat phobia. We have 2 other older cats Biney and Cleo. Cleo used to be a very pedantic cat but since the arrival of Luna she just turned into a monster. Biney on the other hand was this little hell cat that turned into an angel with the new arrival.

    Biney brings the baby birds and mice and plays with her most of the day, they even sleep in a heap. Cleo just hisses slaps and growls at the baby, she even attacks her sometimes. Luna have been here for more than 2 months now, and Cleo's reign of terror seems to have no end.

    Biney and Cleo are both 3 year old neutered females.

    Do you have any suggestions on how I can rectify this situation?

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    I don't have any good advice. I've heard a lot of cases where the older cat either feels threatened or jealous of the newcomer. Other that giving Cleo special attention and treats to assure he she has no worries, I can't think of anything else that can be done. Does Cleo have a separate food and water bowl, or is she having to share with the new kitten? When she attacks the new kitten, is it serious? Has any blood been drawn or cries of pain from the kitten? Also, has Luna been fixed?

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    Alpha, they do have separate bowls, and Cleo gets all the attention she needs and even more so. Luna is only 3 months old, my vet only neuters them from 6 months old. The attacks get serious at times, but I do not punish any of them as I feel this will just aggravate the situation. Cleo is still the queen. I sometimes wonder if they are not doing the same as chickens trying to sort out the pecking order. I guess I should just give them time and over praise good behavior. They will probable sort themselves out eventually.
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