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Can goldfish be overweight?

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    Can goldfish be overweight?

    I have this pearl scale goldfish that really looks fat.

    Is it possible for a fish to be overweight?

    How can I change their feeding to keep their weight steady?


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    I seems that the rounded shape of this particular species of goldfish is common, here's a page with information and feeding advice...

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    Actually fish can be overweight. Goldfish is one of the most common overweight fish because they don't know when to quit during eating. It is also known that some fish can develop fatty liver problem when they are constantly overfed.

    How often do you feed your fish? How much do you feed?
    You really only need to feed just once a day and as much as the fish can finish within a minute. Yes, sometimes they will look hungry and might seem to be begging for more when you get near the tank. Just ignore them. They don't know anything about healthy eating habits, it is up to you the fish owner to keep them in a healthy life style.
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    Sticking to a schedule is the best way to keep them from eating too much.

    Pearlscales are supposed to look fat. In fact, the rounder it looks, the better the breeding it came from. I have a friend whose pearl scale lasted for 8 years. It looked like a golf ball with a pair of eyes and a curled tail.

    Just keep your fish eating the same amount of food on a routine schedule and you'll be fine. One more thing, try not to feed your Pearlscale "unsoaked" food. This can cause pressure in the fish's internal organs thereby causing constipation or damage to the swim bladder. Pellets and flakes are best fed soaked.

    Here's more information with regard to taking care of your PS. Pearlscale care

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    A feeding schedule is certainly a good thing. Try to feed around the same time each day or every other day will be fine. Some people feed their fish daily, and some others feed once every two days. Both can work.

    The more important thing is the amount of food you toss into the fish tank. Most commercial available fish food has the instructions say "feed 2~3 times a day with no more than the fish can eat in 3~5 minutes". This is quite false. I believe they did it on purpose so you will go through more food quickly.

    Like I said, once a day is enough. I wouldn't want to see any food still in the water a minute after feeding. All the leftover food must be removed from the system right away. This is with the exception of sinking food for bottom feeders.

    Overfeeding is one of the top reasons for fish dying in captivity.
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    Thank you for all the advice. My fish get fed every second day and then only enough to last them 3 minutes. I did not however know about soaking the pellets first, and will do that from now on.

    I guess I just got a little paranoid because everybody told me my fish is fat. Next time I will tell them he is supposed to look like that. And maybe even add a breed profile to confirm it.

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    There is really no need to pre-soak pellets unless you are soaking them in some supplements. I used to use a few drops of VitaChem and Garlic Guard on the pellets before I feed them to my fish. That is all for the purpose of adding more vitamins and flavor to the food. As for letting the pellets to expand before feeding to the fish, it is not absolutely necessary unless you always feed close to the fish's limit. If you use water to pre-soak the pellets, they will just lose vitamins.

    3 minutes is also a little long. Cut it down to 1 minute will be fine. As the matter of fact, I would cut it down to 30 seconds if there is only 1 fish in the tank. The 1 minute is for making sure every fish can grab a bite in those tanks with many fish.

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    Thank you Vash, I will reduce the amount of food I feed them, and will test the pellet soaking technique to see what way works the best.

    You are all so helpful, I really appreciate it.

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