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Whats the story behind your dog(s)?

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    Whats the story behind your dog(s)?

    So, whats the story behind your dog(s)?

    First off, let me introduce my dog... (excuse the pale hairy leg in the first picture, it was summer time and I was wearing shorts)

    qwx304.jpg 15zhwg0.jpg 98dmpf.jpg

    This is Taz. She is the love of my life.

    How I got her is kind of interesting, because shes lucky to even be alive at all.

    Starting from the beginning, let me set the stage... I was in the seventh grade, and I was a punk-kid that got into a lot of trouble, and one time I got into too much trouble and got put on house arrest by a federal court for stealing mail... yeah, I know, it was dumb, but hey... it is what it is. Anyways, one stipulation was that I had to go to work with one of my parents if they were both working, and my dads work wouldn't allow me to tag along since there wasn't a safe place for me to lounge around all day, so I ended up going to work at a veterinary office with my mom, she was the front desk clerk and did pay-roll and stuff like that.

    One day, about two months into my sentence, we were late for work and were speeding down the freeway. Suddenly, the two cars that were ahead of us swerved into the other lane, so we slammed on the brakes since we had some distance, and just came short of running over this little dog that had just wondered onto the right lane of the freeway. So I hopped out and threw my jacket over it and threw it in the trunk of my car and we took it her work until we could figure out what to do with it. Turns out this dog was a vicious dog, and was also about half of the way through a pregnancy. The vet that my mom worked for offered to put it up for adoption, and my mom almost went for it, but for some reason I felt like we found this dog for a reason, so I offered to take care of it. So we took her home. For over a month, no one could get near this little fat dauchsund, but I worked on it patiently every day until I got her to trust me. She would still snap at other people, and she would attack to kill, but she was so small it wasn't really effective. My guess is, is that her previous owner abused her terribly and when she got pregnant they threw her out on the freeway and drove off.

    Anyways, near the end of her pregnancy, she was so fat and swollen she couldn't walk at all, so I had to carry her around for the last week, but she finally popped out 5 puppies, 4 big healthy strong ones, 3 of which looked like normal brown short-haired dauchsunds, oddly enough one miniature black rottweiler looking puppy, and a little brown runt that we didn't think was going to make it because it was so small compared to the other ones. Turns out the little one did make it, but since she was smaller, she couldn't get in and feed off her mother... the other dogs would exclude her. So I had to bottle feed her... which developed a bond between me and her that I felt was stronger than between me and the other puppies.

    Fast-forward a month or two, I can't really remember because it was a long time ago and I was going to school at the time too and dealing with the courts... the puppies have grown up and established themselves and they aren't completely helpless anymore. My mom and I had to figure out what to do with these dogs that we weren't really prepared to take care of, so we decided to put all of them up for adoption, including the mother, at least initially. We slept on it, and I just couldn't bring myself to give up the mother, because I spent so much time taming her and teaching her how to love again, and after hand feeding the little runt of the group, I felt somewhat responsible for her as well, and so I decided persoanally to keep her. So we ended up adopting-out the other 4 puppies, and we kept the mom and runt. I called the mom Lacey, and the runt, Taz. Even after the pregnancy, Lacey remained so fat it was almost comical. She looked like an over-inflated football with floppy ears and stubby legs.

    Everything was great for a few years... I mean Lacey never learned to love other people, even though I spent months attempting to get her to relax and be a lover, but she wouldn't let it go... at least with me, she was a great guard dog, and would defend me to the death... although she wasn't really big enough to be a killer, she would mess your shoes up something fierce! Well, one day, my mom had one of her church associates over, and they brought a child over that was screaming and crying and throwing stuff, and it enraged Lacey into a frenzy and she attacked this kid and bit him twice on the arm really hard and drew blood. While I pleaded to keep her alive, my mom said that we had to put her down since she was a vicious dog, and that was pretty much the end of Lacey. As sad as I was to see her go, I understood it, because I really couldn't afford any lawsuits resulting from her hurting or even potentially killing someone.

    Ever since then though, since Taz no longer had any other dogs to play with, I took an intense interest to her, and we've been inseparable since then! She has slept by my side, being not only my companion, but also functioning as my personal space heater during the cold Washington winter nights for 8 years now, and I couldn't imagine life without her, and the way I got her was so happen-stance and random. She is the most lovable, friendly, and unconditionally happy dog that I have ever seen in my entire life. If I was going to mass-produce a family-friendly dog, I would clone her exactly as she is. She really is the blueprint to happiness in my life.

    I just wish she played fetch, or tug of war... but her loveable attitude and her ability to soak up any amount of petting and rubbing and massaging that you can throw at her more than makes up for it!

    Anyways... how did you get your pet? Is it a rescue? Did a stray just wander into your yard one day and you said "why not"?

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    My ex girlfriend found my dog 13 years ago. Besides leaving me, finding Lucy was the best thing that she ever did for me. This friend has been there through thick and then. Sure it wasn't fun when she ate up my new chair with 15 minutes of its arrival. It was my fault for taking out the trash. But through relationships and now marriage and kids. My girl(like my wife calls her) has been faithful, loving and the best friend that anyone could ever have. Last year I thought she might be slowing down and getting old but she has since shook it off and has returned to terrorizing the birds and rabbits at the park to no end.

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    those pics are really cute, especially the ones where she is smiling. SHe seems like a great pal and awesome life companion. Dogs are so special like that

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