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    akita love

    Hallo!Me and my partner going to our new home in a few months.We are interested about a dog.We love akitas!but i read that its a very nervous dog and needs absolutelly training and is not too
    good with the you have any suggestions?thank you in advance!!

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    Akitas are very beautiful dogs, however they can be very protective, territorial and dominant. Unless they are very well trained at a very young age, and overly socialized with other pets, they are know to challenge and attack.

    My dog was bitten in the back once by an Akita at the dog park, probably just looked at him the wrong way...since my dog is dominant too (but friendly). It's rare to even see one there, especially one that is off-lead.

    I'm sure there are exceptions to any breed profile, and perhaps if they were introduced to children (not just my own) and other pets at a tender age, they might be just fine. Personally, in my opinion, I would not own one if there were children in the home.

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    lovely to look at, its a pity it had a go at Hans though I personally haven't had anything to do with Akita's,and don't see them around here.

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