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Your pet turtle

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    Your pet turtle

    Looking at all the treads in this section of the forum i didn't see many treads with turtles. Most people think turtle are easy to care for but in reality they need lots of attention and maintenance to live and long life. It has been proven on many occasions that most turtle live long in captivity, if well taking care of of course, then in the wild.

    With that being said i was just wondering who has aquatic turtles, what kind, and what do you feel them? I know how to care for them i just want to see the different food your turtle eats.

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    I had some tiny turtles when I was a child, and my mother took care of feeding them...from what I remember, they didn't have a very long life though. There's also wild big box turtles in some areas where I live, so occasionally I get to meet some of those. I had to turn one around one time that was headed to go off the curb and into the street traffic, he made it safely back into the field.

    We can use your advice and expertise about turtle care if there are things you'd like to share in the future. This forum is young and still growing, so as time goes on, I'm sure there will be more turtle lovers posting their experiences.

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    i love turtles the one i have now is a little male and for his size his tank is huge but i feed him the turtle food but i also keep guppies in there for him to hunt. To me it fascinating to watch as the circle of life happen. Some would argue that live food is cruel but look at us we eat meat and that meat was alive at one time so what is the difference

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    I used to have a River Cooter, Two red-earred sliders, and a soft shell turtle once.
    I have two tortoises now though!

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    Hi, guys! My name is Arseniy Rihlov.

    I want to tell you about my pets. I have a tortoise. Its name is Glafira. She is very small and likes to eat shrimps. Also guppies live together with her. They are friends with the tortoise. Who else loves turtles and guppies?

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    I like turtles too.What do they eat?

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    Can somebody tell me what they eat?

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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