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Catnip spray as bonding agent

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    Catnip spray as bonding agent

    While digging through my pet supplies closet yesterday I cam across a bottle of catnip spray. As Cleo and Luna are getting along a little better but still avoids each other a lot, I had this idea I just had to try. I sprayed Luna with the catnip spray, and watched Cleo's reaction.

    What a change, Cleo started interacting with Luna without fighting. They even ended up sleeping together last night. Amazing what a little catnip can do to resolve some issues.

    I will continue this for a few days, and see if the interactions changes when I stop using it. Luna does not seem to mind being sprayed and she loves the smell too.

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    Interesting, I never used catnip for any of my cats. Good to know it can help with aggression, thanks!

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    What a wonderful story! My cat loves his catnip! Its a special treat for him, but I will never serve it again without thinking of your two cats

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    Very cute story! I haven't had good luck with catnip but perhaps I'm not getting a good source. I've never tried the spray and wouldn't have thought of using it in this way but it seems a clever idea that worked. Your story and the other readers comments have intrigued me to try serving it and spraying it. I always thought it got them excited and never realized it was calming them down. Good to know!

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    Wow, I'm glad I saw this. I see so many posts from people whose cats suddenly don't get along. Now I have something else to advise them to try, besides the usual feliway plug in diffusers, vanilla trick and rescue remedy.

    I tried some cat nip spray once that the cats were given as a gift. They weren't interested, but then, the don't like most commercial nip, since they grow their own. They are cat nip snobs!

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