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Pine Trees Toxic to Cats?

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    Question Pine Trees Toxic to Cats?

    I recently had my kitten outside on a harness, and we have pine and spruce trees in the yard. I noticed that he had some loose stools, and some litter stuck to his back foot.

    When I started to clean his foot with a warm washrag, I noticed that he had pine tar on his paw. I held him while my husband removed it with a paper towel and some mineral oil. Then we rinsed.

    Anyway, I started thinking that maybe he was licking his paw to begin with, and ate some of the pine tar, and that's what caused the loose stools.

    So, I looked it up online, and it seems like the oil in the pine tar is toxic to cats and can poison them and damage their liver. It didn't say anything about bowel movements.

    Well, I'm not happy. We've had cats before in this house with the same trees, and no problem. I know there must be plenty of people out there who live near wooded areas with cats. Anyone have this same concern? Thanks for any replies.

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    It's quite possible your cat has an allergy. I've never had problems with my previous outdoor cats and the various types of trees out there, pine included. If he consumed some of the tar, that would almost definitely correlate with the loose stools. It may not be a problem for every cat, or perhaps it is to varying degrees. Is it possible he consumed something else he found on the ground out there? I think it makes the most sense that it would have been the pine tar.

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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