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Daschunds Rescued from Hoarder

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    An animal hoarder in NY was found with over fifty Daschund dogs and puppies in her home. Authorities came in and were successful in removing the dogs, who were not receiving proper care and attention, and getting them necessary medical services. The dogs are now being rehomed to loving families...

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    Its such a shame that people hoard animals, they must have some kind of mental illness to do things like that, its good to see they are being rehomed.

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    it is really sad that people use animal hoarding to fulfill their emotional needs. I am glad the doggies are being re-homed, but they should place the hoarder under psychiatric treatment otherwise this will just happen again. Hoarding is associated with obsessive compulsive behavior, delusional disorder, or even dementia and addictions.

    Here is the wiki article on hoarding:

    Here is a link to a website that focuses on animal hoarding:

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