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Introducing new dog to existing one.

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    Introducing new dog to existing one.

    We are about to get a new 2 yr old Spaniel. Now my German shepherd is kind of funny about the house so does anyone know I good way to introduce them and get them comfortable living together?

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    My example would be to find a small room to start them off meeting each other. Have one on a leash close to you, preferable your dog that youve had for more long period of time. SO keep you dog on a leash and let the other one roam free. bring some toys into the room and other things that your dog likes to play with. See how they interact with each other once you've got the toys in there, let them sniff each other. The good thing about being so close to your dog is that you can grab your old dog up or vice versa if they get rough with each other. Most situations like this that I've come across at the spca is that the dogs will get a long just fine, if not be somewhat oblivious of each other. IN a household it just takes time for them to get to know each other, but un=less they are both really friendly, I think they will ignore each other for the most part at first until they've ebcome comfortable with each otehr.

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    For older dogs like that, I heard that it was recommended to introduce them in an area away from the home, like a park. Then take them home together in the house. If they're opposite sex, it may work out fine. Same sex, I'd be wary.

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    Yes, as Alpha1 already mentioned, the dogs should be given plenty of time to get to know each other on neutral territory. Your older dog is otherwise going to feel like the new dog is an intruder and become protective and/or highly suspicious of the newcomer. Go from neutral to one room in the house, just getting them used to being in the same space. Beware of rushing things, as this process will take time and patience.

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