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Dogs and Cats

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    Dogs and Cats

    So I have had a dog for about 7 months now and just got cat which is wonderful! She and my dog met today. My dog (a shih tzu)- in true nature- was a royal pain in the tush and kept sniffing the cat lol. I let some interaction slide while they got to know each other. I may have let it go on too long as there was a bit of growling (which I immediately corrected and separated them as they continued to explore the room and toys) a couple swats of paws (literally three). I expect some of it is normal, but any suggestions on how to improve from here?

    I essentially sit in the middle of a hallway, dog on one side cat on the other, and let them both come up to me walk around me and walk away on their own. They both explored the area, new toys, scents, etc for a while. My dog did keep trying to follow the cat around and smell her. I know I need to find a way for my dog to get use to the smell of my cat without bothering her so any suggestions on that??

    Also any other suggestions to continue improving their interaction?

    My dog is 1year old and the cat is 7 years. My dog lived with a German Shepherd I fostered for a few months but has been alone aside from that. She has *never* previously interacted with a cat. The cat, however, did once live with a dog before being sent to the shelter

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    When I first brought my kitten home, he had not been around dogs, and my dog was never around cats. He's friendly and reliable though, older, and has never bitten a person or other dog. Your dog is still a puppy really. It's good that the cat has had some past experience living with a dog, that's a big plus. If the dog has a good temperament, and isn't a biter, I'd relax a bit more with them.

    One idea that might work is to get a baby gate, the accordian type where the cat can go through, but the dog can't. That way if the cat wants to get away, it can go through the gate to another room. But cats are pretty good at jumping up on high spots, or going in narrow areas where the dogs can't reach them if they're being annoyed. We brought the kitten home in a soft carrier, and when the cat wasn't in there, be also let the dog smell that in the beginning.

    I think what you're doing with them is great, that way you're involved and observing them. After a couple of days, when the initial shock is over, I would just let the dog sniff to her heart's content. I did that with mine, and noticed that the kitten did push him a few times, like trying to get into his food bowl when he was fed dinner, and when the dog growled, I let him do his thing, and the cat fell nicely into place. A few swipes here and there with the paws for the cat, but all for show, nothing harmful, I just let them do what came naturally.

    My dog loves bits of American cheese as an occasional treat. Once I knew the kitten liked it too, I had my dog sit, and I fed them treats side by side in the kitchen. Now they're the best of friends, and they play, sleep, etc. together. I really gave the dog a lot of extra hugs and attention, so he wouldn't think the cat was replacing him, or that no excessive jealousy occurred.

    Good luck with your two, and exciting and happy time at home! Also, welcome to the forum!

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    Yes my dog is really kind natured- hyper and overwhelming at times, but never malicious!! Thank you for the advice I am definitely going to try to not stress it because they both seem to be very good, not stressed or aggressive. As of this morning the cat hasn't touched a lick of food (I actually left a piece of cheese upstairs with her last night and it was still there this morning.) I generally use veggies, eggs, and cheese as treats for my dog and I know the latter two are good for cats, so hopefully she'll take to them. I will look for that accordion gate, but I plan on generally keeping them separate when they are unsupervised anyway, (the cat on the stair landing and the dog in the upstairs hallway)

    Today kitty meets the last member of the family! My three year old son (I'm not even mildly concerned about it and may actually use him to help with some of the interactions

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    You're welcome, sounds like smooth sailing by you. My cat won't eat the cheese at all if I leave little pieces on the plate for him, they must come from me, hand, he's not spoiled!

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