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Keeping Lost Dog - First Vet Visit

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    Keeping Lost Dog - First Vet Visit

    So about three months ago I found a random dog sleeping in my outdoor shed. He had no collar and seemed a little scared and timid. I gave him food, water, all the necessities. After three months of trying to locate the owner without success, I have decided to keep him as a member of the family.

    The dog has obviousy been domesticated and is absolutely wonderful with people and other animals. He seems healthy and is full of energy. I'm guessing he is around four years old. I do not know the breed but it looks like he is mixed with maybe a boxer or pitbull.

    Any ideas on what to expect from our first visit to the vet? I'm guessing they have just some routine checks they do in this situation. It has been several years since I have had a pet, and I just want to make sure I'm doing the right things and asking the right questions.


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    The vet will probably check the dogs teeth, ears, eyes and heartbeat to see if everything is normal. If there's any sign of an eye or ear infection, the vet will likely give an antibiotic eye or ear drop/salve. The doctor will want to give the dog some vaccinations, at least a rabies shot. Also, he may take his temperature. The doctors will also check the dog's ribs, to judge if he's underweight. He may feel or pat down the whole body to see if there are any noticeable lumps or tumors. You can ask the vet his opinion on how old the dog is also.

    So good of you to give this dog a loving home, good luck at the vets! What name did you give him?

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    Evan it's nice to see you are going to keep and love this dog I hope all goes well at the vets.

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    Good luck with your new found friend! I hope all goes well with the health of the dog, and you can help give him a great home.

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    Glad you're giving this dog a good home, Evan. Aside from what Alpha said, depending on some vet protocols, they might try scanning for a microchip. So there's the physical exam and vaccination. You might also be discussing about neutering and microchipping.

    Since he doesn't have history then the vet might do some tests for heartworms and other diseases such as Lyme or Giardia.

    Good luck.

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