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Natural Dog-Friendly Yard

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    Some tips on a 'fido-friendly' yard...

    Fido Goes Green

    A dog-friendly yard allows you to reduce your best friend’s carbon pawprint.

    By Kristen Stewart
    June 2011

    You go organic, buy local and bring your own shopping bags. But is your dog included in your eco-conscious efforts?

    It’s easier than ever to lessen your favorite canine’s ecological impact in his backyard kingdom. Linda Dupie, mother of two and owner of an eco-daycare and camp for children in Fredericksburg, Virginia, knows this firsthand. “The more I read about ways to cut my carbon footprint, the more I thought about how I could cut the footprint of my pets,” says Dupie, 41. Now her family has implemented changes ranging from how they care for their yard to the types of toys they give their pets.

    In doing so the Dupies are keeping hazards out of the local ecosystem. But more than that, they have the peace of mind that comes with a reduced risk of exposure to toxic chemicals and accidental poisonings.

    Regard Your Yard

    Plant selection can go a long way toward discouraging weeds and pests—and keeping Fido happy. “Planting a native kind of grass is the best way to control weeds, instead of using a delicate grass that the weeds are going to try to take advantage of,” says Eve Adamson, author of Pets Gone Green (BowTie Press). Planting insect-repelling flowers such as marigolds and amaranth, and herbs such as mint, can help. Adamson says the right vegetation—especially native plants—can also encourage local wildlife to visit, which helps pets de-stress and get back in touch with their natural instincts.

    Admittedly, planting species adapted to your area may only go so far in keeping out pests. But, before reaching for chemicals at the local garden store, consider the alternatives. “For every problem there’s a solution in a bottle and that extends into so much of our life outdoors with our dogs and in our gardens,” says Tom Barthel, author of Dogscaping (BowTie Press). “Let’s use good common sense and discover some wisdom that maybe our grandparents used to use before these chemicals were around. Those things work just as well.”

    For example, Barthel suggests fighting lawn weeds by spreading corn meal gluten before they emerge. He recommends using ground cayenne and/or red pepper flakes on or around plants to discourage animals from chewing, while hot sauce sprinkled on leaves helps keep deer away.

    Products with neem or citrus oils can curb pests, as can soapy water (use a vegetable-based soap).

    To control fleas, Adamson recommends cutting grass short and sprinkling diatomaceous earth around the yard, especially in shady areas and under bushes and low trees. Spraying with a freeze-dried reconstituted nematode product (available through veterinarians) may help; the nematodes eat flea larvae.

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    I can't wait until my husband and I have a yard of our own so we can take some of these tips to heart and prepare to make a dog or ten very happy to run around and play in it. ^_^

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