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Ferrets Playing in Peanut Pool

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    Smile Ferrets Playing in Peanut Pool

    Ferrets playing in a kiddie pool filled with packing peanuts...

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    Aww that makes me miss my ferrets. Now I have to go to the pet store. Lol

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    I used to rescue ferrets, great pets.

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    Love this video, gives me some ideas on play time for my Senior Ferret <3

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    The leaping white one reminds me of Peanuts, my dog. That's how she jumps when she's about to attack a ball.

    We've never had ferrets here before. I am not sure why, but our country doesn't have pet stores selling them. I've always wanted to take care of one the moment I saw them starring in Beast Master, but it seems that they're not available here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by haopee View Post

    We've never had ferrets here before. I am not sure why, but our country doesn't have pet stores selling them. .
    Where are you from? Your area may have restrictions on them! they are sure good pets to have though

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    That was fun. It was sort of like watching popcorn. I love hoppy little "war dance" they do when they're about to pounce.

    I can't help imagining this video with cats--especially kittens. They tend to be much more staticky than ferrets apparently, so that would be entertainment (and cleanup!) for hours.

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    That is one of the best ferret videos I've seen in a long time. Thanks for sharing! Made my night

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    My ferret loves to play and this looks like a good play time idea for him.

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