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Vacationing with 4 dogs

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    Vacationing with 4 dogs

    We have two dogs, and plan to vacation with another family that also has two dogs. We're looking for a beach rental, but haven't had any luck with places allowing more than two dogs. Anyone know of anything? (Outer Banks preferred, but any east coast beach could be an option).

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    I wish you good luck! Four dogs is a lot, and it will be hard... but not impossible. Just like trying to rent a home! I feel your pain!!

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    We kennel ours at our vet. Pricey but worth the sanity...even though mine always has an issue when I leave. Another reason I use the same vet.

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    That is a handful. I've never spent my vacation with all my dogs before. Have considered trailers or camping tents? Don't get me wrong, I've seen some trailers and tents that's jam-packed with all the amenities.

    A friend of mine goes camping on a regular basis but they're in the UK so there might be some differences there. Anyway, you could drop by their blog and ask for some advise there.
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