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Do You Believe That Music Can Calm Your Dog?

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    Do You Believe That Music Can Calm Your Dog?

    I actually like this song. It's nice and it sounds like a movie sound track for a tragic movie.

    Do you think this will calm your dog? Care to give it a try?

    Some users have tried it on their dogs and says they've had results.

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    I've just played it - my dog walked out into the garden and carried on running around and my foster pup looked at me, yawned and carried on gnawing his rawhide chew lol!

    Would be really interesting to know if it has worked for anyone though

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    Haha, I would be interested to know as well! I'm currently staying with my grandmother to help her out so I don't have my dog around but my cat looked at
    me like I was crazy! Guess it doesn't work on them. Hope some more people can try it out, I'd be interested in the results, it sounds entertaining.

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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