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To board or to bring?

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    To board or to bring?


    I am facing a major problem (probably not major to everyone but to me it is lol).

    I have two lab babies that I love more than anything. We are taking a vacation at the end of the month and I am torn between boarding them in our hometown or board I g them down at the beach in a kennel near the hotel.

    We will be traveling 6 hours and plan on stopping at a museum on the way down. If we do take them, I do plan on dropping them off at doggie day care while we go thru the museum because I of the heat, they would never make it in the car. The kennel down at the beach agreed to meet me there after hours to take in our babies (which is totally nice).

    It would be so much easier to board them at home.. I wouldn't have any worries about traveling with them BUT I am freaking out about not being able to see them and check on them. I have never boarded them for more than 2 nights and I would die if something ever happened to them.

    I just need some advice on what y'all would do, from some experienced boarders lol.


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    I used to manage a boarding kennel and some dogs do awesome and others really bad. It can be stressful to a dog to be put in an unknown place with unknown dogs barking all around them. Pile the other dogs' stress on top their own separation anxiety and you get one freaked out dog.
    In all reality your dog will have to spend a lot of time in a cage if boarded at a facility. Some offer play times, whether individual or group, but few actually do it as often or as long as you pay for. If your dogs are not dog friendly, then group playtime is out. Some offer walks too, but they are usually just to go out and pee.
    Speaking of potty breaks, I have seen dogs reverse their housebreaking because they are boarded. One dog in particular was boarded at least two weeks a month. She got used to peeing in her cage and rarely went outside to do it even at home. She would go in the owners garage or her crate. Of course, this happened over a period of time.
    Some boarding facilities are awesome, but I would not use one that I haven't dropped by unannounced and seen in action though. A good salesman can sell anything over the phone.

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    It seems to me like you might be okay to board them at home, if you go and visit the boarding facility first, so you can feel confident that they will be ok there. You might even schedule an overnite "visit" for them before you actually go on vacation and leave them there, that way, you can see how they do, and if there are any problems.
    If it is going to be a long, hot trip, and they just have to be boarded near the hotel, in any case, maybe the easiest thing on the dogs would be to be able to be boarded near home, and not have to make the long trip.
    You called them puppies, but don't say if they are very young puppies, or almost grown, or whether they are used to riding in the car when you go places. If they are not used to long rides, they might not like going, or even get carsick (not fun ! ), so I think this would factor in the decision of whether to take them along or not.

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