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Run Free, Our Beloved China

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    Run Free, Our Beloved China

    China wasn't only my friend. He was our beloved shortie. He was small and proud. He'd correct his pack brothers when they did wrong. He would get mad at those who wanted to jump at humans and he'd bark at the anxious one.

    He is smart and when we carried him, he'd do the waggy tail.

    When China was called, he'd run to us with his little legs in the air. He was a handsome boy and he will be forever in our hearts.

    Run Free, my dear boy.

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    Lovely tribute to your China, Haopee. So sad to lose him, he rests peacefully in the warmth of your love.

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    she is so cute, i am so sorry for your loss!
    just think you gave him the best life possible!

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    In the barn yard! ;)
    Sorry about your loss.

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