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Cat's Meow toy - worth it or not?

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    Cat's Meow toy - worth it or not?

    Hey y'all! Wanted to ask here and see if anyone had bought that "Cat's Meow" toy I've been seeing advertised on TV lately. It's a little yellow circle, with a battery operated“mouse” that runs back and forth and around and around.

    It seems like it would be a great option for my cats, as that's very similar to how we play (I drag a toy around me in circles, and they pounce on it every chance they get). However, I wanted to see if anyone else had tried it, and if it had held up. I have three cats, and while one is a senior (10 yrs), he still plays like a kitten, at least for short bursts.

    Has anyone bought one of these, and how long does it last? I'm not expecting miracles, but I'd like it to last a few months at least.

    Also, have you had any problems with it besides breaking? I'm wondering if my cats would tear up the yellow circle off a bric (they are not declawed) or worse yet, get their claws hung init and drag it all over the house.

    Any feedback appreciated!

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    I have also seen this toy get advertised, was thinking of getting it too, as far as how long it might last cant really say but i hope it gets to last a couple of months depending on your cat's activity levels.

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    I have one, my cat loved it at first but soon tired of playing with it.
    he is your friend and protector, he will love you unconditionally, you owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion

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