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My 21 year old Cat, Kuma-Neko passed away.

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    My 21 year old Cat, Kuma-Neko passed away.

    I haven't been here to tell has been a very hard time for me. There were several times I thought she was ready but she just wouldn't let go until I called out to her adopted son (who passed last November) that she needed to let go...It was time...she was so tired. I do believe he came for her. Within minutes of calling him she was gone. She was a wonderful cat and a long time friend. I miss her so much but am relieved that she is now free of her old body and able to play and run again. I love you Kuma and we all miss you so much. She has out lived all but one of her adopted children and I am sure they were all waiting with open arms for her to join them.

    She has left her mark on my world and in my heart.

    Kuma-Neko "Bear-Cat"
    Born May 10th 1992
    Passed July 9th 2013 at apx 2am

    My best friend & caretaker
    adopted daughter of Vincent
    adopted mom and non breeding mate to Shiva Dancing(RIP)
    non breeding mate to Zander Talks-2-Tails
    Adopted sister of Morpheus (RIP)
    Adopted mom (All deceased except Venus) of Anastasia, PounceQuick, Shiva Dancing, Fluffy, Kaotic Harmony, Neon Shadow Cat, and Venus Bela Star
    Companion to Shimashita and Phillip Radu

    Queen and leader of my cat household from 1994 - 2013

    kuma-posing (2).jpg

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    Very sad to hear you lost your beautiful girl Kuma, I'm sorry for your condolences. It's comforting to know she was met at the bridge, she'll always be loved there, and in your heart...hugs.

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    I add my humble condolences. You don't need me to tell you that you will be reunited with your beloved cat in due course. Although I am sure that it was a great blow for you, 21 years is an absolutely exceptional age. She must have had such a wonderful earthly life with you! Warmest best wishes to you.

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