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***Question for ADMIN and USERS: Can we start a Grooming Forum?***

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    Red face ***Question for ADMIN and USERS: Can we start a Grooming Forum?***

    Hey everyone! I've been checking out the forums, and was wondering if we could make a specific one for Grooming? Maybe a separate one for dogs and cats? As a groomer I love meeting others in the field, sharing insight, getting new ideas, and helping pet owners with questions! I've been grooming for about four years, and love what I do. What does everyone else think??

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    There isn't enough activity regarding grooming discussions at this time to warrant a separate grooming forum. I suggest you start a Dog Grooming thread, in the Dog General forum, and anyone interested in the subject can add to that specific thread. My husband and I groom our Standard Schnauzer, and we've had three before him that we also groomed, so I would join in any discussions on that thread too.

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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