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Ring Tail Passed - Burying/Freezing questions

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    Unhappy Ring Tail Passed - Burying/Freezing questions

    My mouse Ring Tail passed in his sleep under the stairs (I made) in his cage late at night Sept21, or early Sept22, day(s) after my birthday (20). He was less than a year old. I put him in a plastic bag and put him in the freezer. When I bury him, do I bury him frozen or thaw him out then bury? When Taz died (most likely Ring Tails brother), I wrapped him in tissues and put him in a paper bag and then buried him a foot deep. Next morning the wild cats got him(Taz) by digging him up. I have since got a better shovel but my house is on a big hill that is possibly limestone(hard to dig). I put Ring Tail in the freezer to wait to bury him, but I don't how to bury him. Please Help.......

    I have now 5 mice left. 2 males, 3 females

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    Bury him frozen, because if you thaw him out the flesh will give off a pungent smell and possibly attract cats or something else again.

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    I'm sorry for your loss, especially during your special day.

    I think the most important part is to bury him deep while he is frozen. If you have biodegradable plastic bags, it can ward off the scent but also slows down the decomposition.

    I believe the smell will eventually ebb out. However, burying him deep will make it more difficult for the predatory animals to dig him out. Also, what we usually do is put a heavy rock directly on top of the grave to discourage any digging... or floating during bad rainy days.

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    I agree with Haopee, many people with predators on their property use large rocks to cover their pets. I wouldn't keep him in a plastic bag, as a paper one will let the body decompose in a healthier and more natural manner. I'm sorry for your loss, rest in peace sweet Ring Tail.

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    I buried him on Wednesday, It has been about two days so I removed the giant cement tile yesterday and the cats didn't attack him. Thank you for your feedback.

    Thank you, Jujubee.

    Thank you, Haopee.

    Thank you, Alpha1.

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