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Anyone own spiders?

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    Anyone own spiders?

    Since I was a kid I have always wanted a tarantula. I've been looking into getting a one from a breeder a few towns away. Does anyone here have a tarantula? What does it eat? What is the most suitable living environment for it? Thanks!

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    I used to have a Chilean Rose Hair, and there are a few simple things to do
    One, ask the breeder about the specific care needs for the species you are getting. Some species need somewhere to build webs up high, while some burrow and build webs in the ground, for example. Also, some species need moist substrate while some require dry substrate. All depends on the species!
    As for feeding, most tarantulas are insectivorous. Crickets can be fed, as can Dubia roaches, waxworms, and the occasional superworm or mealworm. My gal absolutely loved waxworms and dubias, and young roaches were the bulk of her diet.
    as for tanks, always make sure that they have a decent amount of movement room and enough room for a burrow but some species do not like too wide open of areas, so keep that in mind.
    Also make sure that you know the species; some species do not like being handled while some will tolerate handling. Do so with caution!

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    I do. I have 7 matured adult females. I feed it heavily gut-loaded crickets and superworms. Twice a month in alternating queue. I find keeping adults easier to maintain and very carefree than younger Ts

    Best enclosure would be a huge critter keeper, acrylic cube or a low glass tank with eco-earth/coco fiber mixed with sand substrate. Keep it moist for tropical Ts and dry for desert types.

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    I have two. Crickets mealworms ect. Loose coconut fiber substrate works great. Doesn't need to be cleaned too often. They can web it together. Amy tank will work. 10-20 gallon. They need stuff to climb on. Hide in or behind. They like shiney things. Old jewelry or coins works great. They are good at being handled if u are careful and stay calm and comfortable. I have a thread called "Trantualas" u can get some fun info from there about how they are.

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    Female grammostola rose hairs are both of my two.

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    My friend has a tarantula and has been to scared to hold it in almost a year. If he tries to start holding it now will it be too aggressive?

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    I wish to some day own a tarantula... My cousin has one; but the rest of my family think they're gross :-/

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    For tarantulas you actually shouldn't go over 10 gallons for the smaller species.In fact,5 gallons is plenty of space.Tarantulas hate large spaces and they stress them out very bad.Handling is not recommended,they generally eat a cricket a week for smaller species.Do keep in mind that tarantulas are extremely sensitive to certain minerals and chemicals and things,so you need to find purified water for them.A gentle overflow of the water bowl is more than enough humidity for a tarantula like a Chilean rose hair,but others need to have their enclosure misted routinely.

    Terrestrial species need a place to hide,and generally climbing items are not a good idea.However,for arboreal species you do want climbing branches and things like that.The enclosure should be no larger than that which allows them a few steps in every direction.Good enclosures for some tarantulas are actually bins with a small amount of mesh on top for ventilation,and these can be bought quite cheap at most stores and the mesh is really cheap too.

    Keep in mind if you get a female it could live over 10 years,but a male won't likely live more than a few years.I would strongly recommend never using reptile sand for any animal by the way,as reptile sand often contains calcium and is extremely dusty and coarse.

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    Yeah , I have spiders in my condo, I don't kill them ,if its' nice outside I put them outside so they can find bugs to eat . I call them my pets.

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    I have a rosehair in a 10gal I just lightly mist the sides, I keep a small water dish, and I feed him crickets. You can also feed them worms and roaches stuff like that, I will say it's better to feed them these insects from the store and not the backyard lol. Also T's like having something to hide under so I have a piece of cork wood for him to burrow and a log thing, I also have a few flat rocks, fake foliage he can climb on, some moss, and a fake Venus fly trap he loves it. Of course you don't have to deck the T's tank out as long as you provide some water, some insects, a place to hide, and substrate I prefer loose coconut fiber. Just don't use cedar for pets.

    I must say though some T's prefer more humidity, misting, stuff like that so please research those things. I find what's right for me is the rosehairs they are so easy to care for in my opinion.

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