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Owners Who Hurt Their Pets for Attention!

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    Munchausen by Proxy is a mental illness or syndrome, where people secretly hurt or make their children sick, just to get the attention from visiting doctors and hospitals.

    Well, pet owners can also have this syndrome, and their pets suffer very much from their illness. The pet can be secretly battered or injured, it can be poisoned, it can be manipulated either mentally or physically in order to see the veterinarian. Once at the vets, the owner will often insist on a battery of tests and treatments for the "ill" animal. They often change vets, so as not to appear suspicious, and be accused of animal abuse or mistreatment.

    I don't know anyone like this, but if you do, you must get them help to overcome the mental illness. Sometimes the pet must be taken from them to protect it, until they are cured and no longer wanting to cause their pets harm. Do you know anyone who has Munchausen by Proxy with their pets?

    A mental disorder called Munchausen syndrome causes people to deliberately cause physical illness to other people as a way of getting sympathy and attention. A group of British researchers published a letter in Archives of Disease in Childhood (2002;87:263) that indicates that people with this disorder sometimes also claim their pets are ill, or purposefully hurt their pets, so that they can get attention.

    The researchers refer to this activity as Munchausen syndrome by proxy.
    The research indicates that 2% of non-accidental injuries of a pet may occur as a result of the owner deliberately causing the injury.

    Investigators approached 1,000 veterinarians, who reported 448 cases of non-accidental injuries in animals, six of which the submitting veterinarians believed were instances of Munchausen by proxy.

    Led by H.S. Tucker of the Royal United Hospital in Bath, UK, the researchers noted that three other cases may have also resulted from owners deliberately hurting their pets. Some commonalities were found in the suspicious cases, such as how owners would rapidly change veterinarians or request frequent appointments. In one case, an owner was supposed to have requested four appointments one the same day.

    The article describes one man who took his dog to the veterinarian and said that the dog had been poisoned by a neighbor. The man was later convicted of attempting to poison his own child, and the man was found to have tried to poison two pets.

    To help identify cases of Munchausen syndrome by proxy, the researchers recommend communication between the social agencies that work with child and animal abuse.

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    I had vaguely heard of this disorder some time in the past, but never even thought that it applied to pets being deliberately hurt as well. Oh, my oh my! It pains me even to read about it. These sick people need help fast - and close supervision, as well, to avoid any more animals suffering.

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    How very sad for the animals of people who treat animals like that, just yesterday on our news a woman was charged with poisoning her 4 year old daughter with anti cancer drugs and asking for donations to help her daughter with cancer treatment.the child didn't have cancer at all but died as a result of the drugs, what I don't understand is how she got the drugs in the first place, unless she had something to do with the medical profession.

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    I know somebody who rushes her dog to the vets for every little thing, I think she's a hypochondriac but I don't think she ever intentionally hurts her dog. The vet probably likes it because it's more money for him.

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    Oh, this is so creeepy. I've watched House M.D. before. I've heard of Munchausen's in some of the episodes. They often use it as one of their diagnosis for patients with symptoms that seem to be out of the ordinary.

    I was surprised when I read about it with the phrase "by Proxy". It is sad when owners end up doing something bad simply to satisfy their mental tendencies. Whether this is an issue or not, I don't think I would want to be with a person who has this disease.

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