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Cava-poo-chon: A New Designer Breed

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    Quote Originally Posted by Goldfinch7 View Post
    HappyFlowerLady - that is a very harsh & unfair statement! My avatar IS a picture of my pure breed dog & proudly so. I DID rescue him (no, I don't "claim" to have done so, I did). Just because he is a pure breed or that he would have been easy to re-home had we not got there first, does not make his life worth any less than an "ugly" dog. We adopted him because we fell in love with HIM for his character and took him on regardless of the behavioural issues he had. He is the first pure breed dog I have ever owned. Every dog I've ever had has been a rescue, and we have never looked for a specific breed - we have gone int our search with an open mind and adopted the dog that we fell for, that fit into our family. I don't think a dog being "mutt" does not make it ugly at all - I've fostered dogs all shapes, sizes & breeds and found a home fore very single one of them; they have all been gorgeous in their own right no matter what and all equally deserving of a home.

    Linda: Rescue do not deliberately make it difficult for anyone to adopt a dog - our sole concern is always and without fail the welfare of the dog. No fenced yard is a perfectly justifiable reason for rejecting an application. You seem like a responsible and caring animal lover, I am not trying to imply otherwise but the fact remains that is simply not safe to allow any dog to roam in an unfenced yard. My current foster was hit by a car & severely traumatised as a result of an unsafe garden, sadly she is not the first & won't be the last. Any restrictions imposed by a rescue is only there for the dogs welfare and are in place as a result of years of experience. Nearly all rescues have the same regulations in place & they are there for a reason.
    Why is it perfectly all right for you to verbally trash me just because I have a 'designer dog" and i bought him ??
    Just because I didn't get my little Chipper at the dog pound, does not make him less a part of my family, or mean that he can't be loved from the bottom of my heart.
    I happen to think that your statements are also harsh and unfair; but you dog rescue people think it is fine to talk that way about someone who doesn't have the kind of dog that you think people should own.
    Why is it alright for you to belittle MY dog, but not okay for me to take offense at that rudeness ??

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    Excuse me but I have not at any point "belittled" you or your dog - I don't even know what breed you own or where you got him/her so how could I be aiming any replies at you?! I have read back through all my comments in this thread and am at a loss as to what you are referring too. I haven't actually commented in this thread for months & only posted in response to your last statement as I felt so strongly about your comments. My original posts clearly state that my issue is with the breeders & not with the dogs or their owners! That is the last thing I said months ago and hadn't commented since! How is that trash talking you?!

    I have only ever stated my thoughts & experiences in response the question asked by this thread - I am criticising the breeders who flood the streets with unwanted "designer breeds" purely for profit & the people who thoughtlessly buy these dogs and later dump them on struggling rescues when the fad moves on to another breed or the puppy grows up and is no longer cute. If you have never done any of these things, my comments are not in any way directed at you!

    "Us rescue people" work extremely hard to pick up the mess created by back yard breeders & fashion trends, for free. I have never, and would never, pass comment on where someone got their dog from UNLESS they wind up in my house scared & unwanted.

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    Quote Originally Posted by linda2147 View Post
    in a shirt size med? with puppies playing on the back? yes please.

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