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Aggressive hamster

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    Question Aggressive hamster

    I have a male hamster and I often keep him with a female. The got along fine in the beginning and were still getting along when she had her first litter. I separated them until the babies were old enough to find a home and then I reunited them once the babies were gone. They got along fine as if they were never separated. They had a second litter and I once again separated them. I found the babies a home and then reunited the two hamsters. This time the female started acting aggressively. Her last babies have been gone for over a month and she's still acting incredibly aggressive. My male has scabs and missing hair in places now. Is there any way to stop her aggression?

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    What type of hamsters are they? Most hamsters are solitary animals and should not be kept together, as they will fight & often get seriously hurt or worse. Hamsters raised together from babies have more of a chance of living harmoniously but if they are being separated and then reintroduced it is highly likely that they will fight. That is just the way they are I'm afraid!

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    Back when my boyfriend had hamsters, his was a male and a female, he had to deal with aggression too. They also had hamster babies. Once the male was returned to their cage, she kept on biting him as well. You could try separating them in the mean time and putting them back together again after 2 weeks... try having their cages beside each other, it might help if she smells him. I think you will need to reintroduce them to each other. Try doing what that tips says in this article:

    Here's an excerpt from that article:

    The California Hamster Association recommends you start introducing your hamsters to one another by placing one hamster in a small wire cage and setting it inside a larger cage. Place the other hamster loose inside the larger cage.
    It is said that Dwarf Hamsters can live together if they are introduced young and since they were, there's still a chance.

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