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Which breed?

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    Which breed?

    Good evening all, wanted a bit of advice on which cat breed you think I should consider.

    I want to get a cat (well I wanted a dog but don't have the time to really commit to one with walks and working hours etc) so ideally I'd like a very active, playful, intelligent cat breed.

    It'd be an indoor/ outdoor cat as I have a garden, and I'd prefer a breed that would get along with dogs/ cats as it will come into contact with them.

    I'm not bothered by colour but I'd be getting a male cat and neutering him.

    I don't mind vocal cats.

    I was thinking about Bengals & Manx's but wondered what you think.

    (I've owned many moggies before).

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    Hello and welcome! I own a Manx, and he gets along very well with my dog. After he was completely used to the house, I started taking him out on a harness in the back yard. Now he's allowed to go outside for an hour or two every day, but I try to keep him from going outside of the yard for his own safety.

    Although he gets along with my dog, he once left the yard and was attacked by a street cat, and I'm sure he wasn't the aggressor. He was neutered young, at the recommended age. Although he gets along well with my dog, in my opinion, that is no guarantee that he won't be attacked by strange dogs if he gets out. Here is a thread about Manx cats, and a link to two of my photo albums with Loki's pictures in them.

    Honestly, rather than it being determined by the particular breed, there are many kittens of mixed breeds in shelters that would make ideal pets.

    I have no interest, or recommend anyone owning a hybrid cat like Bengals or Savannahs...

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    As a ragdoll owner I'd strongly have to suggest a ragdoll! They are completely docile and friendly and she's never scratched, bit, or even hissed at anybody. When my 1 1/2 y/o niece met her (we were trying to introduce her to animals as sisters husband wants a cat when she's older), and my niece picked her up and carried her around, chased her, played fetch with her (poorly, she didnt understand you throw the ball AWAY from the cat hahaa) and Athena just put up with it! She's also been harness and leash trained and will come out into the backyard with me. The bugger loves playing fetch and with her wand, following you around the house and she's crazy on cuddling. The only issue one would have is shedding but a small price to pay if you ask me!

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    I have a bengal, love him to death but they are not a breed for everyone. They can at times be aggressive. He gets along fine with my siamese and my german shepherd. My cats don't go outside, we have fisher cats around and their favorite food is cat so they are kept inside all the time.
    he is your friend and protector, he will love you unconditionally, you owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion

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    Here's an old thread on Ragdolls...

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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