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My new fish

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    My new fish

    I had guppies before, but they aren't very hardy. I switched to some larger fish this time
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    Never mind, I figured it out now I have more but it's hard to take good pics image.jpgimage.jpgimage.jpgimage.jpg

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    Beautiful fish, and lovely aquarium Mybudgie, thanks for sharing!

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    Ooh swordtails and mollies! Neat

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    Swordtails and Mollies....great community fish, great for starters. Very Nice! Platies are good too.

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    pretty fish i tried mollies but i guess i just am not a fan biggish fish.

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    Noce fish mybudgie

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    The plants are heavily infested with either brown algae or diatoms

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    I was about to ask the same thing about the plants. I hope it wasn't a new aquarium as well.

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    Adorable pics! Always wanted to keep fish for pets but wondered what to feed them when you travel for long?

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    So many posts for such an old thread, thanks everybody . My aquarium looks so much different now. The plants looked like that because I didn't have anything covering the window that's only a few feet from the aquarium and it was causing things to grow in there like crazy. I've fixed that issue. As far as feeding you can get mechanical feeders (I don't have experience with those and I couldn't tell you how long they run before running out of food), or if it's a short trip (around a week) you can get dissolving fish food that sits at the bottom and slowly breaks apart. Otherwise there's always the option of asking a trusted friend/ family member to drop be and feed them daily.

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    How beautiful ...

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    Oh that explains it. The dissolving food is actually pretty smart. Getting someone to feed them daily might be tricky unless its the help or your kids.

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    Looks so adorable, thanks for sharing.

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    Hello. ^_^ Your fish looks healthy and she is so cute. <3

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