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New addition to the family!

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    New addition to the family!

    After the loss of my beloved Cujo i decided it was time i picked up a new pet, because as long as i live and breathe and have love to spare i will always take care of a doggy in need.

    PiXel! Or on ACA papers The little Nugget of Warmth!
    She is a friendly puppy with a curly tail, not quite sure why. She is always happy to see people and wants to be held but sometimes gets sensitive and growls a bit haha, hope she grows out of that. She demands she be held and then when you move she gets angry, so picky :P

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    She is adorable, and I think Pixel is a perfect name for her coloring!

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    Awww so cute

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    Congratulations, very cute!

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    Congratulations on your new puppy. LOL. I love her documented name... did they really give her that very long adorable pedigree name?

    She reminds me of Peanuts. Peanuts loved to sleep on my crossed leg and that's where she felt most comfortable.

    You better enjoy every single minute while she's small. When she grows old and big, you'd be missing that tiny fur ball that fit in your lap.

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    Pup is out cold haopee haha, i dont figure she will get very large, i hope to have her small enough to ride in my jacket, have her registered as a service dog ESA, take her to McDonalds :P

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    Awww isn't that adorable

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    She is a cute little one.

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